Christ Fellowship
An Evangelical Presbyterian Church

We are a family of Believers Committed to...

   Leading people to Jesus Christ

   Inspiring the church to glorify God

   Growing believers in fellowship & love

   Helping the needy with dignity & compassion

   Teaching Biblical principles for living

Recent Additions in the Web Site

Recently, Peter and Becky officially accepted membership into Christ Fellowship Church. But they gave us more to remember the day by! Their grand daughters, "Bella" and Kayly, who had been staying with them for part of the summer and attending Children's Church at Christ Fellowship, were baptized by pastor Thyne in a ceremony that followed. Enjoy the memory on the V.I.P page.

See Lynn and her grand baby in "KingdomKidsClubs."

Go to the Recent Events Page to see photos of the Baptisms of Wayne and Dorleen's Children and grand children AND photos of Don's Family at his 80th Birthday. Also enjoy the Christmas, 2014 pictures.

Look for Birthdays under "Upcoming Events"!

Learn about the positions of the EPC on selected "hot" topics on the page "web links" and the link to POSITIONS ....

If anyone in the Congregation has pictures or a message that they would like posted,  please let Frank Munno know.

Please Note that Marilyn Bearden is located at the National Health Care of Mauldin in SC. She is in the Assisted living area. 

Remember that Dot Minor is located in Pinehurst at the Healthcare and Rehabilitation Center.

Remember Marjorie Wilson, who is with us when she can be is at Magnolia Gardens.

Joyce Humphreys is now at Evergreen Colorado.

Keep them all in your prayers and thoughts!

Located at 1425 Midland Rd in beautiful Southern Pines, NC

( Across from Knollwood Golf Course)

Please Note in the Debt Clock below the mounting debt that we are accruing as we spend far worse than the proverbial "drunken sailor", and try to realize that this is a debt that our children and grandchildren WILL be obligated to pay in the near future in one way or another - Run-a-way inflation or sky rocketing taxes with nothing to show for the pain.

National Debt Clock

Christ Fellowship

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